Snaps from the Field – a Sample of our Inspection Findings

Dangerous Gas Line – February 2024

Here’s a serious mistake that could be very dangerous. This is a picture of a gas furnace with an air conditioning evaporator coil above it. The gas pipe is made from black steel pipe and begins at the left. After running through a red-handled valve that is, thankfully, turned off, the gas pipe runs into the condensate drain opening for the air conditioner coil. [...]

2024-02-23T11:27:39-08:00February 23rd, 2024|Gas and Plumbing, Snaps from the Field|

Stucco Siding January 2024

Most of this house is clad with a traditional 3-coat hardcoat stucco. Stucco siding from this era was almost always installed without a properly doubled underlayment or any provision for draining water that gets behind it. Wall penetrations, wall bases, and wall/roof joints are common locations where water can cause damage. Here, we found areas of missing and rot-damaged trim at the base [...]

2024-02-23T11:04:22-08:00January 1st, 2024|Exterior, Snaps from the Field|

Electrical and Plumbing – September 2023

Fashionable sinks haven’t sported S-traps for over 100 years. Like wearing white shoes after labor day, S-traps simply aren’t done.  Of course, the lack of a high loop at the dishwasher drain is also a sad error. These mistakes will make little difference, however, to the poor soul who reaches a wet hand under the sink to turn on the disposer, only to [...]

2024-02-23T11:34:57-08:00September 1st, 2023|Electrical, Gas and Plumbing, Snaps from the Field|
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