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Rodents and Insulation – June 2024

Insulation and Wiring - Rule #62 of home inspection: If a rodent *can* gnaw on a thing, it *will* gnaw on that thing. All rodents, including mice and rats, have four front teeth that never stop growing and must be worn down to keep them at a manageable size. If necessary, they’ll simply grind their teeth together to keep them at a manageable length, [...]

Attic Pulldown Ladder – March 2024

Drive nail through hole in metal bracket. Seven words that are difficult to misunderstand. So why do people misunderstand them so often? As any home inspector in the Portland area will tell you, attic pulldown ladders are rarely installed properly. They require, at minimum, four nails (or sometimes lag screws) through each of the four mounting brackets. Most people use drywall screws, which are [...]

2024-03-07T16:02:28-08:00March 1st, 2024|Other Inspection Details, Snaps from the Field|

Oregon Smoke Alarm Rules – Could They be Any More Confusing?

Oregon has several sets of rules for smoke alarms. Some rules apply to newly constructed houses, some apply to renovated houses, and some apply to rentals, but the rules that I’ll write about today have to with houses that are being sold. (Note: If you’re interested in the very important and surprising differences between ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms, read our blog about that [...]

2023-06-14T16:57:07-07:00November 19th, 2017|Other Inspection Details|
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