Framing and Structural

Framing – Jan. 2022

Rule #65 of home inspections: If anyone *can* do their own framing work, anyone *will* do their own framing work. We’ve all heard about the “good bones” of a house, and well, the framing members are quite literally the bones of the house. Here a homeowner has installed a new window in a wall but failed to install a header across the opening to [...]

2023-06-14T16:56:03-07:00January 1st, 2022|Framing and Structural, Snaps from the Field|

Structural Inspection – Dec. 2021

I’m Melting! Melting! Well, no, this building isn’t coming to the same fate as the Wicked Witch of the West, but its split-face block wall does have serious issues with water penetration. Split-face block walls absorb a lot of water and it lifts the paint as it tries to escape. The source of the water penetration may be from improper flashing details or even [...]

2023-07-31T14:49:36-07:00December 1st, 2021|Exterior, Framing and Structural, Snaps from the Field|
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