vent well should be removed the soil dug down another 4 6 and a larger vent well installed

Your Dryer Vent- It’s Full of Hot Air

Your dryer tumbles your clothes with lots of hot air, which is then vented out through a duct to a vent outside the home. When the vent does not have good clearance, airflow is restricted which can have several results:

  • your dryer may take longer to dry your clothes resulting in higher energy usage and additional wear and tear on your clothing.
  • lint is more likely to collect in the dryer duct which can be a fire hazard.
  • reduced airflow can trip temperature sensors in the dryer causing it to shut-off (and you may need a service call to reset it).
  • the pressure of the reduced flow can cause the duct to come apart and vent into unwanted locations, like the crawlspace.

This vent well should be removed, the soil dug down another 4-6″, and a larger vent well installed.